Healing The Divide Through Skillful Connection

4 days of connecting and exploring, where you’ll learn and practice what’s working best in the field of self-development, relationship, facilitation, and how you can implement it in your life and career.

The World Is Hungry For More Connection

In this global, multi-cultural, interconnected world — your ability to relate is essential. Leadership is no longer granted merely by authority; it’s granted in each moment and connection. Now more than ever, our attention on personal and cultural development is critical for the quality of leadership the world hungers for.

(Re)Introducing the Relational Leadership Summit!

Relational Leadership Summit is unique because it brings together leaders and enthusiasts who have been experimenting with relational development practices both personally and professionally, together in the same room with beginners, to share their ideas, inspirations, and most effective practices to discover and collaborate on what’s coming ahead.

Why are we doing this?

Because as leaders in a developing field, it’s easy to get entrenched in our own communities and modalities, and lose perspective on the bigger picture of what’s possible as we help foster relational intelligence. As leaders and innovators, we need relationships with each other so that we can harness the resource we need to go back into the trenches of our important work.

That’s why the Relational Leadership Summit was created, and now you’re invited to be a part of it.

This event is for you if:

  • You’re a teacher or community leader...

    …who wants to bring greater health and new techniques to your culture by learning from others who’ve been innovating with their own

  • You’re a coach, therapist, or facilitator...

    …who wants to see what’s happening with the cutting edge of group facilitation and interpersonal intervention.

  • You’re a consultant...

    …who wants to learn how others are increasing effectiveness, accountability, and trust with their clients (while getting more of them alongside).

  • You imagine yourself...

    …becoming any one of the above and you want to meet and learn from the people who have the careers you’re looking into.

  • You're interest in the cutting edge of personal development...

    …and you want practice and learn some of the most exciting growth modalities that are being effectively applied to help the world grow and heal.

  • You enjoy meeting others who are similarly committed...

    …to self-development, personal practice, and healing their relationship with self, other, and the world.

If this describes you, then you should join us!

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What to Expect at RLS 2017

  • Curated TED-like 15min Keynote Presentations from Authorities in the Field

    We’re not in to long-winded talks that hold the audience captive for longer than necessary. Our special guest presenters get straight to the point to share what they’ve learned from their experience in the field.

  • Interactive Breakout Sessions of all Flavors

    This is where we take advantage of all the amazing people coming together, and dive deeper into practice and integration. Twice each day there will be 60-90min breakout workshops with embodiment, authentic relating / circling, and topical discussion options.

  • Valuable Networking and Connections

    We’ve learned that this is where the Relational Leadership Summit really shines. By having practitioners from many different levels of experience and application all under one roof for four days, the innovation through connection can be magical.

  • A Truly Unique Halloween Party

    Why connect just during the day?  This year, the Relational Leadership Summit will host the Masquerade ~ Revelations on Parade, a party that will fill our 14’sqft facility with music, poetry, games, art, creative interaction, contemplation, and individual expression. We’ll have extra tickets available for friends and family to join here.

The Agenda

Totally subject to change, but this gives you an idea...

  • Oct 26th - Pre-Conference

    2-7pm Registration & Check-in
    3-5pm Connection Games
    7pm Welcome & Opening Keynotes
    8pm Activating Our Human Regard ~ Sofia Diaz

  • Oct 27th - Day 1

    9am Morning Keynotes
    10:30am Morning Breakouts
    12pm Lunch Break
    2:00pm Afternoon Keynotes
    3:30pm Afternoon Breakouts
    5pm Dinner Break
    7pm Keynotes
    8:30pm Gemma Wilcox ~ The Magical Mystery Detour

  • Oct 28th - Day 2

    9am Morning Keynotes
    10:30am Morning Breakouts
    12pm Lunch Break
    2:00pm Afternoon Keynotes
    3:30pm Afternoon Breakouts
    5pm Dinner Break
    8pm Masquerade ~ Revelations on Parade

  • Oct 29th - Day 3

    9am Morning Keynotes
    10:30am Morning Breakouts
    12pm Lunch Break
    2:30pm Closing Keynotes
    4pm Post-Conference Breakouts

Featured Contributors

Jayson Gaddis
Smart Couple Podcast,
The Relationship School

Emily Rosen
CEO at Institute for the
Psychology of Eating

Jason Gore
Executive Coach at
Neuberg, Gore & Associates

Avani G. Dilger
Founder and Executive Director
Natural Highs

Booster Blake
Men's Coach
Relational Coach

Melissa Grace
Lead Trainer at
Hakomi Institute

Tibi Strazzera
Subtle Intelligence
Teacher and Facilitator

Melody Markel
Course Leader
The Integral Center

Josh Zemel
Course Leader
The Integral Center

Susan Campbell
Author of Getting Real, Business and Personal Relationship Teacher

Michael Vladeck
Teen, Family, and
Relationship Counselor

Gemma Wilcox
Playwright, Performer,
& Theater Producer

Jonathan Bender
Authentic Performance Coach at
The Performance of Your Life

Erin Colleen Keeley
Company Culture Consultant
Women's Relating Coach

Tim Singleton
Leader and Host
Boulder T-Group

Michael Porcelli
Director of Trainings
The Integral Center

Stephane Segatori
Co-Founder and Strategist
Felicity Consulting

Dr. Jessica Tartaro
Clinical Psychologist
& Intimacy Coach

Nicole Dunas
Event Coordinator
Founder at Kaleidoscope
Psychotherapy & Yoga

Michael Welp
Author and Co-Founder at
White Men As Full Diversity Partners

Anna-Lisa Adelberg
Founder and Teacher
Luminous Awareness Institute

Jamie Wheal
Co-Founder at Flow Genome Project
Author of Stealing Fire

Rachel Zurer
Editorial Director at
Conscious Company Magazine

Simon D'Arcy
Partner at Evolution
Founder at Next Level Culture

Malika Jen Rani Freedman
Founder & Counselor at Institute for
Psychology of Reproduction & Birth

Jess Nichol
Senior Course Leader
The Integral Center

HazelGrace Yates
Intimacy Coach
Clinical Sexologist

David Swedlow
Surrendered Leadership

Robert MacNaughton
Event Director & MC
Co-Founder & CEO at
the Integral Center

Cedar Barstow
Founder and Director
Right Use of Power Institute

Decker Cunov
Co-Founder at the Integral Center, and Authentic Man Program

Sofia Diaz
Hatha Yoga Master,
Internationally Renowned Teacher

Jahmaya Kessler
Program Coordinator/Counselor
at Boulder County Jail

Gaia Orion
Visionary Artist,
Creativity Teacher, and Coach

Josh Levin
Senior Course Leader
The Integral Center

Jason Digges
Co-Founder at
Authentic Relating Training

Mihai Banalescu
Facilitator at
Connection Games

Rani Herman
Yoga Teacher and Bodayworker

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  • Access to all special evening events, including the Gemma Wilcox performance, our Halloween Party on Saturday night, and any additional evening events
  • Access to both pre-conference offerings on Thursday the 26th, and post-conference workshops on Sunday the 29th

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Join the Conversation...

What is Relational Leadership?
Introduction Video with Robert MacNaughton

Michael Welp: Growing Relational Leadership in White Men

Jonathan Bender: Self-Righteousness in Spiritual Communities

Jayson Gaddis: Be the Relational Special Ops for Your Tribe

Rachel Zurer: On the Front Lines of Conscious Business

Cedar Barstow: Right Relationship with Power & Authority

Featured Videos from RLS2016...

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